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ECOS™ Competent Cells

The fastest transforming cells worldwide-

1 minute transformation

With “ECOS™” standing for “EColi One-Step”, and its reverse “SOCE” standing for “SOC Eliminated”,  the name itself speaks for the advantages.
minute, 1 step high-efficiency transformation and no SOC recovery step required, truly a design to save your time.

Choose a strain

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Selection Guide for ECOS Competent Cells

Mutations and Respective Strains

Super High Efficiency

~5 x 109 cfu/μg

One step, one tube, finish in 6 minutes !

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High Efficiency

One step, one tube, finish in 6 minutes !

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Transformation Protocol

Special Tips

Patented Technology
Yeastern Biotech Co., Ltd. owns the patent of ECOS™ technology (protocol) exclusively in USA, UK, Taiwan, and France (Patent No. US 6,864,088; GB 2383582; I 229696; FR 2832727, etc.). Under the protection of this patent, Yeastern Biotech is the only company that has the right to use the protocol with the claims that transformation with our ECOS™ chemically competent cells can be finished within one minute and SOC is not needed. If anyone intends to sell competent cells that use ECOS™ protocol or its similar version, please contact our headquarters in Taiwan for licensing.
Quality Control
Each lot of competent cells has to pass three quality control tests before shipping:
  1. Efficiency test: each batch of ECOS™ should meet the claimed transformation efficiency at the time of production using Protocol 4 (Page 3-3) and supercoiled pUC19 DNA.
  2. Contamination test: competent cells were plated directly on ampicillin plates without being transformed. To pass the test, no colonies should be seen after overnight incubation.
  3. A-complementation test: this test is performed for all ECOS™ competent cells except for ECOS™ 21(DE3) and ECOS™ 2163. To pass the test, the ratio of white colonies over the total colonies should be less than 3%