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Special Promotion for AAVs

A special appreciation promotion is available on AAVs between December 19th, 2022 and March 28th, 2023. Pre-made AAVs on the attached list will begin at $55/20ul. There are various sizes available: 20ul, 40ul, 60ul and 100ul. We also offer a free 5ul sample as a gift. First come, first served!

​To order the product on our list, please send an email to [email protected]. All orders will be processed except during the holidays of Christmas (December 24th and 25th) and New Year (December 31st and January 1st).


SKU Vector Name Serotype Titer (vg/mL)
BHV17100174 rAAV-CAG-DIO-G-Flamp1 AAV/9 5.20E+12
BHV17100135 rAAV-GfaABC1D-mCherry AAV/5 2.56E+12
BHV17100277 rAAV-CaMKIIα-hM4D(Gi)-mCherry AAV/9
BHV17100182 rAAV-hSyn-DA3h AAV/9
BHV17100180 rAAV-hSyn-DA3m AAV/9
BHV17100249 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP AAV/9 3.20E+12
BHV12400206 rAAV-mCrh-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 3.10E+12
BHV17100031 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-EYFP AAV/9 2.13E+12
BHV17100253 rAAV-CaMKIIα-hChR2(H134R)-mCherry AAV/9 3.34E+12
BHV17100252 rAAV-CaMKIIα-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP AAV/9 3.25E+12
BHV17100089 rAAV-Tph2-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 2.08E+12
BHV17100017 rAAV-hSyn-ChrimsonR-tdTomato AAV/9 2.91E+12
BHV17100087 rAAV-ChAT-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 2.53E+12
BHV17100342 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-taCasp3-T2A-TEVp AAV/9 2.55E+12
BHV17100275 rAAV-hSyn-hM3D(Gq)-mCherry AAV/9 2.27E+12
BHV17100274 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hM3D(Gq)-mCherry AAV/9 5.32E+12
BHV17100029 rAAV-hSyn-DIO-GCaMP6s AAV/9 3.02E+12
BHV17100140 rAAV-fPV-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 2.16E+12
BHV17100106 rAAV-CAG-mCherry AAV/9 2.16E+12
BHV17100295 rAAV-CaMKIIα-EGFP AAV/9 2.46E+12
BHV17100297 rAAV-EF1α-EGFP AAV/9 2.03E+12
BHV17100039 rAAV-CAG-EGFP AAV/9 3.20E+12
BHV17100278 rAAV-hSyn-DIO-hM4D(Gi)-EYFP AAV/9 2.96E+12
BHV17100074 rAAV-GfaABC1D-ATP1.0 AAV/9 2.38E+12
BHV17100052 rAAV-hSyn-NE2m AAV/9 2.47E+12
BHV17100190 rAAV-hSyn-DIO-NE2m AAV/9 3.20E+12
BHV17100095 rAAV-mDlx-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 2.10E+12
BHV12400433 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-iGABASnFR AAV/9 3.00E+12
BHV17100326 rAAV-hSyn-Flp-EGFP AAV/9 3.34E+12
BHV17100303 rAAV-hSyn-DIO-EYFP AAV/9 2.25E+12
BHV17100109 rAAV-CaMKIIα-hGtACR1-P2A-EGFP AAV/9 2.16E+12
BHV17100322 rAAV-GFAP-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 2.08E+12
BHV17100290 rAAV-CaMKIIα-GCaMP6f AAV/9 2.26E+12
BHV17100302 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-EYFP AAV/9 2.11E+12
BHV17100027 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-Kir2.1-P2A-EGFP AAV/9 2.06E+12
BHV17100327 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-Flp AAV/9 2.09E+12
BHV17100307 rAAV-hSyn-Con Fon-EYFP AAV/9 2.08E+12
BHV17100022 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hGtACR1-P2A-EGFP AAV/9 2.25E+12
BHV17100133 rAAV-hSyn-FLEX-mGFP-T2A-Synaptophysin-mRuby AAV/9 3.03E+12
BHV17100296 rAAV-hSyn-EGFP AAV/9 2.14E+12
BHV17100525 rAAV-hSyn-OT1.8 AAV/9 3.08E+12
BHV17100424 rAAV-nEF1α-FDIO-EGFP AAV/9 2.75E+12
BHV17100280 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hM4D(Gi)-EYFP AAV/9 3.00E+12
BHV17100298 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-EGFP AAV/9 3.50E+12
BHV17100038 rAAV-CMV-EGFP AAV/9 3.10E+12
BHV17100341 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-DTA AAV/9 3.00E+12
BHV17100048 rAAV-hSyn-rDA1m AAV/9 3.13E+12
BHV17100301 rAAV-EF1α-EYFP AAV/9 2.63E+12
BHV17100047 rAAV-hSyn-DA1h-mut AAV/9 2.45E+12
BHV17100310 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-mCherry AAV/9 3.12E+12
BHV17100045 rAAV-hSyn-DA2m AAV/9 2.96E+12
BHV17100308 rAAV-hSyn-mCherry AAV/9 3.30E+12
BHV17100181 rAAV-hSyn-DIO-DA3m AAV/9 3.10E+12
BHV17100286 rAAV-hSyn-GCaMP6f AAV/9 2.53E+12
BHV17100228 rAAV-hSyn-rDA3m AAV/9 3.29E+12
BHV17100288 rAAV-CaMKIIα-GCaMP6s AAV/9 3.12E+12
BHV17100197 rAAV-hSyn-ACh3.8 AAV/9 3.20E+12
BHV17100291 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-GCaMP6s AAV/9 2.66E+12
BHV17100199 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-rACh1.4 AAV/9 3.13E+12
BHV17100200 rAAV-hSyn-rACh1.7 AAV/9 3.19E+12
BHV17100250 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hChR2(H134R)-mCherry AAV/9 3.75E+12
BHV17100057 rAAV-hSyn-5-HTmut AAV/9 2.18E+12
BHV17100267 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-eNpHR3.0-mCherry AAV/9 3.40E+12
BHV17100203 rAAV-hSyn-5-HT3.0 AAV/9 3.22E+12
BHV17100204 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-5-HT3.0 AAV/9 3.30E+12
BHV17100281 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-hM4D(Gi)-mCherry AAV/9 2.43E+12
BHV17100205 rAAV-CAG-5-HT3.0 AAV/9 3.25E+12
BHV17100314 rAAV-hSyn-SV40 NLS-Cre AAV/9 3.12E+12
BHV17100206 rAAV-hSyn-5-HT3.0mut AAV/9 3.35E+12
BHV17100320 rAAV-CaMKIIα-Cre AAV/9 2.51E+12
BHV17100207 rAAV-hSyn-r5-HT2.0 AAV/9 3.13E+12
BHV17100028 rAAV-hSyn-hM4D(Gi)-mCherry AAV/9 3.12E+12
BHV17100208 rAAV-EF1α-DIO-r5-HT2.0 AAV/9 3.08E+12
BHV17100102 rAAV-hSyn-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP AAV/9 4.08E+12
BHV17100062 rAAV-hSyn-HA1m AAV/9 3.09E+12
BHV17100077 rAAV-hSyn-CCK1.0 AAV/9 2.12E+12
BHV17100061 rAAV-hSyn-HA1h AAV/9 2.10E+12
BHV17100222 rAAV-hSyn-CCK1.3 AAV/9 2.63E+12
BHV17100209 rAAV-hSyn-HA1mut AAV/9 3.15E+12
BHV17100247 rAAV-hSyn-CCKmut AAV/9 3.07E+12
BHV17100068 rAAV-hSyn-Ado1.0med AAV/9 3.32E+12
BHV17100078 rAAV-hSyn-OXT1.0 AAV/9 2.06E+12
BHV17100210 rAAV-GfaABC1D-Ado1.1med AAV/9 3.30E+12
BHV17100224 rAAV-hSyn-OXTmut AAV/9 3.08E+12
BHV17100211 rAAV-hSyn-Ado1.1med AAV/9 3.30E+12
BHV17100212 rAAV-hSyn-AEA1.2 AAV/9 2.96E+12
BHV17100416 rAAV-hSyn-2-AG1.2 AAV/9 3.50E+12
BHV17100213 rAAV-hSyn-cATP1.0 AAV/9 2.56E+12
BHV17100214 rAAV-GfaABC1D-cATP1.0 AAV/9 3.09E+12
BHV17100215 rAAV-hSyn-ATP1.0mut AAV/9 3.35E+12
BHV17100219 rAAV-hSyn-cATP1.0-TES AAV/9 3.28E+12
BHV17100220 rAAV-hSyn-rATP0.5 AAV/9 3.23E+12
BHV17100420 rAAV-GfaABC1D-rATP0.5 AAV/9 3.14E+12
BHV17100075 rAAV-hSyn-NPY1.0 AAV/9 3.06E+12
BHV17100221 rAAV-hSyn-NPYmut AAV/9 3.11E+12
BHV17100449 rAAV-ChAT-EYFP AAV/Retro 5.10E+12
BHV17100050 rAAV-hSyn-rDA-mut AAV/9 2.80E+12
BHV17100239 rAAV-hSyn-gACh3.0mut AAV/9 3.10E+12