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Virus and Vectors Services

Virus services

Our suppliers are among the world's leading providers of client service and scientific research solutions. They have established a research and development platform for LV, AAV, RV, HSV, and other virus vector services over the past ten years. Their services include custom viral services, RNA interference services, genome editing services, stable cell line generation services, induced pluripotent stem cell services, and experimental outsourcing.


  • Free design, consultation
  • High-quality services
  • Competitive price
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Complete human full-length cDNA library
  • Wide variety of promoters and reporters
  • Multiple species and serotypes of viral vectors
  • Choices of genetic control systems (Cre/Flp, Flp/FRT, Tet-on/Tet-off)

Featured Services

Plasmid Vectors

We provide a variety of services related to the construction of plasmid vectors. Scientists with extensive experience in vector construction are available to assist with any of your complex vector construction projects, including those involving clones of large size, high GC content, or highly repetitive sequences.

Custom-Made AAVs Service

We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to tailor-made AAVs for our customers. To ensure the quality of the viral particles one receives each time, all customized services are subject to stringent quality control.

Custom-Made LVs Service

We provide custom-made LVs with an approximate titer of 1 x 108TU/mL. The customized services are also subjected to a strict quality control process to ensure that the virus particles are reliable, reproducible, highly purified, and of high quality.

RNAi Service

Our services include shRNA design, shRNA cloning, RNA interference efficiency screening, virus packaging (Lenti-virus, Ad-Virus, AAV, and more) and the construction of stable cell lines.

Genome Editing Service

Our gene-editing services include, but are not limited to, gene knockout, gene knock-in, transcriptional activation, and site-directed mutation. Genome editing services can offer researchers comprehensive workflows, from experimental design to cell line development and validation.

Stable Cell Line Generation

With our services, we are able to provide high-quality, stable cell line generation, including gene expression stable cell line, gene suppression stable cell line (knock-down or knock-out), or genome editing stable cell line based on eukaryotic expression vectors or integrated lentiviral vectors.

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If you have any questions about plasmid vector construction services, just email us at [email protected] or call us at 866-986-9598.