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Synbio Tech

4250 US-1 #3, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, 08852, United States

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Synbio Technologies

Synbio Technologies

Synbio Technologies is founded by professionals with extensive experience in scientific research and industrial management. The company has developed a cutting-edge DNA synthesis technology consisting of the Syno® 1.0, Syno® 2.0 and Syno® 3.0. Through our distinctive Syno® platforms, we can satisfy customers’ needs, including construction of a humanized antibody library, optimization of industrial enzymes, chromosome/genome synthesis, development of genetic engineering vaccines and DNA informatics storage technology. 

Synbio Technologies has further developed “GPS” – an advanced biotechnology transformation and application platform-based on the Syno® synthesis technology. The innovative “GPS” platform follows the biological central dogma and expands genotype, phenotype and synotype effectively to achieve the one stop solution of gene “design-construction-application”. 

Synbio Tech. has created the comprehensive Synotype platforms for biological researchers that dedicate to integrate the cutting edge synthetic biology techniques and bio-informatic tools into an advanced biological innovation platform. 

Our Synotype platform was conceived, designed and implemented with synthetic biology technology to produce

1. A novel approach to deepen our knowledge on genotying (reading by writing); 

2. A simple approach to characterize phenotyping (understanding by writing); 

3. A quick approach to study the correlations of genotyping and phenotyping (linking by writing); 

4. A cost effective approach to design and produce the novel sequence and subsequent function traits (creating by writing). 

In addition, Synbio Tech. is building up the first integrated GPS (Genotype, Phenotype and Synotype) system aimed to a quick and easy translation or reverse translation between “Genotype” and “Phenotype” by using our proprietary “Synotype” platform.

The company’s scientific capabilities encompass areas such as DNA engineering, DNA synthesis, genome synthesis, pathway synthesis, synthetic biology, pharmacogenomics, microbiology, translational biology and the applications of synthetic biology. Synbio Technologies’ team has a proven track record regarding translating scientific breakthroughs into cost effective biological solution.

Synbio Technologies