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VELAB Co., Ltd

2212 Ithaca Ave. Suite 40, Texas, 78501, McAllen, United States

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VELAB Co., Ltd

VELAB Co., Ltd


Our aim is to be a world leader in the manufacturing of laboratory equipment with the highest quality and best price-performance ratio. Our products are ideal in helping to improve procedures in research, medical diagnosis and scientific education. 

Founded as a family business in 1964, we are one of the most innovative and dynamic microscope manufacturers worldwide. Our company is widely recognized for its precise optics and innovative technology, being one of the market leaders in optical microscopy, stereoscopy and digital microscopy. 

VELAB services and instruments can be found in areas of clinical research and life sciences, various surgical specialties, disciplines related to materials science, industry and forensics, as well as in educational classrooms around the world. 

Our dynamic product development program has produced results such as our line of digital microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers and other laboratory equipment that have revolutionized the industry with its quality and price-performance ratio. 

VELAB product facilities are ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003 certified, which assures excellence in operating practices and manufacturing. All VELAB products are UL and CE certified. Our customer service department is readily available to help you chose the ideal product that best suits your needs. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of each client. 

The main elements of our strategy are: 


We highly value innovation and consider it our main objective. The key of VELAB innovative tradition is continued and thorough collaboration with the scientific, medical and industrial community. Inspired by users’ ideas and developing solutions tailored to meet their needs, VELAB continues to set standards in markets in which services are provides. 


We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality and characteristics of our entire product line. Our engineering team is constantly researching and developing new optical and laboratory solutions based on our customers’ requests. The direct relationship to our distributors allows us to develop a range of products that satisfy the end users.  


We are committed to delivering high quality products and offers 10 years warranty on all our microscopes. Our greatest success is the complete satisfaction of our customers.At VELAB we stand behind our products and are aware of the importance of quality and global excellence. 

VELAB Co., Ltd