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Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis

Synbio Technologies specializes in oligo synthesis and confidently provides high-quality oligo products to scientific researchers and industrial customers around the world. By leveraging our advanced and innovative manufacturing process, Synbio Technologies offers a wide range of oligo synthesis options including standard oligos, long oligos, ultra-high purity oligos, degenerate primers, aptamer, fluorescent probes and oligo pool synthesis, etc. This range of services allows us to offer our customers a tailor-made approach to accomplish their every request to oligo synthesis.

Synbio Technologies’ Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis Platform utilizes the state-of-the-art synthesizer and the leading professional team experienced in the oligo synthesis as well as modifications. This industrialized DNA chemical synthesis platform allows us to offer services ranging from short oligos to dsDNA fragments. In addition, we also provide high-throughput oligo synthesis to customers requesting large-scale oligo project. Synbio Technologies always delivers high-quality oligo products to meet ever-changing needs of researchers, which has earned us a good reputation and brand trust.


Standard Oligo Synthesis Process

  • Proprietary DNA sequence analysis and design
  • CpG-based oligo synthesis utilizing industry leading manufacture process
  • Specialized purification process
  • Quality control methods including MS analysis for final sequence verification

Oligo Synthesis Advantages

  • High-Quality Products: Stringent quality assurance and quality control standards, large-scale sequencing verifying the average mutation rate to be lower than 1/1000.
  • Free Technical Support: Contact our technical support staff of qualified experiences in oligo synthesis and modification.
  • Highly Customizable: Synbio Technologies provides various options of purification, specifications and delivery forms. Additionally, flexible synthesis scale is available upon request.

Oligo Synthesis Services

Synbio Technologies provides standard, unmodified DNA oligo synthesis for large-scale orders only (at least 96 DNA Oligos). This includes standard oligos, long oligos as well as degenerate primers.

Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive modifications services to meet our customer’s research requirements. A suite of modifications and labeling is available individually such as dU/dI, Amino, Biotin and Phosphorylation, etc.

Synbio Technologies provides different fluorescent groups at 3’, 5’ or designated sites according to the customer’s request. This includes FAM, HEX, ROX, BHQ and Texas Red, etc.

Synbio Technologies provides high quality oligos with enhanced purity and accuracy for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Additionally, we can offer custom NGS oligo synthesis to meet customers’ different sequencing requests.

Synbio Technologies provides high throughput oligo synthesis based on the Syno®3.0 Next Generation Gene Synthesis Platform. Tens of thousands of primers can be synthesized on a single chip within one synthetic circle in an efficient and low-cost manner.

Oligo Synthesis Deliverables

Synbio Technologies’ standard package including:

  • Lyophilized Dry powder: 2 OD oligo, 1 tube (transparent or dark)
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): includes sequence information, OD, Tm, etc.

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