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Why Reddot Biotech?

Published On 09/20/2019 2:46 AM

 Reddot Biotech Inc.

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At Reddot Biotech, we’re committed to bringing you the best reagents, so you can perform your best experiments. We are proud to sell high quality research use ELISA kits designed for any type of laboratory research. There are a few factors that help set us apart from other ELISA retailers.

       We are excited to offer over 6000 different varieties of ELISA kits. In addition to this, we now offer all ELISA kits in two formats: Traditional and Ready-To-Use. Our new Ready-To-Use ELISA kit line features a shortened experimental time, pre-diluted detection reagents, and enhanced stability to allow for storage of the entire kit at 4oC for up to 12 months. We make the majority of our kits to order to ensure you receive fresh reagents, but we do have a select catalogue of kits kept in-stock that are available to be shipped out within one business day. We are constantly updating our products’ sensitivity and detection ranges to better fit the current market, while maintaining our high level of quality.

       In order to achieve this, we make sure to use only high quality reagents from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. We maintain the quality and consistency of our products by ensuring that all kits that are manufactured undergo three separate quality control checks before they are shipped out. We test for consistency within and between batches so you always know what to expect with our kits. You also have the option of reserving reagents from the same batch for future experiments or long term projects. Validation data is available upon request for all our products.

        All our products are CE and ISO certified and manufactured in a GMP standard facility. We have complete control over our products as the manufacturer is part of our company. This allows us to offer custom kits to fit whatever ELISA needs you may have. If you are interested in an ELISA kit we do not currently have listed on our website, contact us to see if we are able to manufacture one specific to your needs.

       Customer service is very important to us. We are happy to help with any questions you have pre-, or post- experiment. We also offer a product quality guarantee. If you are unhappy with the quality or results of your ELISA kit, please contact us for more information.

       If you have any other questions about our products or our company, feel free to contact us here or send us an email at [email protected].

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