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Introducing Accquant® ELISA Kits: Less Sample, Higher Sensitivity.

Published On 01/17/2024 8:32 PM

We're excited to introduce Fine Test®'s revolutionary Accquant® ELISA Kits, now available through us, your authorized distributor in the United States. These kits are engineered to dramatically enhance your research accuracy and efficiency. Here's what makes them stand out:

  • Unmatched Sensitivity: Employing a newly developed assay dilution, the Accquant® kits offer significantly improved sensitivity, ensuring more precise results.

  • Reduced Sample Requirements: These innovative kits require only half the sample volume compared to standard ELISA kits, making your research more resource-efficient.

  • Enhanced Specificity: The kits enhance the specific antibody-target protein binding, providing more reliable and accurate outcomes.

Accquant® ELISA Kit component differenceAccquant® ELISA Kit datasheet

The Accquant® ELISA Kits are currently available for several common cytokines, with more options
under development. You may request a free 48T sample for testing if you are interested in Accquant® ELISA Kits.

Embrace the future of assay technology with Accquant® ELISA Kits. For inquiries and more information, visit the product page or contact us at [email protected].

*The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

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