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Biohippo collaborates with ProFoldin to Revolutionize Life Sciences and Drug Discovery.

Published On 01/04/2024 4:02 PM

Biohippo is excited to announce our latest partnership with ProFoldin, a move that significantly expands our range of offerings in life sciences and drug discovery. Now, Biohippo's customers can easily access ProFoldin's products and services directly through our website.

ProFoldin has made a significant impact in the fields of life sciences and drug discovery since its establishment in 2005. Located in Massachusetts, USA, the company is known for its innovative and unique research tools, which are broadly employed by universities, research institutes, biotech companies, pharmaceutical R&D, and research hospitals worldwide.

One of ProFoldin's key areas of expertise is in drug discovery and delivery. They offer a range of high-throughput assays for testing inhibition or IC50 measurement of compounds against various drug targets and enzymes. These assays are crucial for research in human enzymes for anti-cancer drug discovery, as well as bacterial and viral enzymes for anti-infection drug discovery.

Another notable area is their work on liposome products for drug delivery and life science research. ProFoldin provides empty liposomes for loading various drugs, liposome-encapsulated drugs, ions, or biomolecules, and tools for liposome purification, drug encapsulation, and stability studies.

Additionally, ProFoldin is involved in the concentration measurement of chemicals and ions, which is essential in pharmaceutical products, environmental samples, and scientific research projects. They offer assays for biomolecules, lipids, detergents, metal ions, and various drugs.

Moreover, ProFoldin is recognized as a leader in protein folding technology. Their protein folding columns are widely used for making active proteins from inclusion bodies. They also offer kits for membrane protein preparation, which cater to proteins expressed in inclusion bodies and cell membranes.

Lastly, ProFoldin offers molecular binding and separation tools, useful for ELISA, binding between macromolecules, and removal of specific molecules or ions from a solution. This includes high-binding ELISA plates, protein-binding plates, DNA-binding plates, and various removal kits.

ProFoldin's diverse range of products and services not only contributes significantly to advancing research in life sciences and drug discovery but also extends our capabilities to support our customers, enhancing our role as a comprehensive provider in this dynamic field.

For questions regarding the ordering of ProFoldin products through our website, please contact us at [email protected] or 866-986-9598.

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