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Transform Your Cloning Workflow with ExSembly™ Cloning MasterMix: Say Goodbye to Vector Linearization

Published On 06/24/2024 5:44 PM

Revolutionizing Genetic Research
In the rapidly evolving field of genetic research, efficiency and accuracy are two key factors to consider when designing experiments. Researchers worldwide are constantly seeking innovative solutions that streamline processes and yield reliable results. The latest breakthrough, the ExSembly Cloning MasterMix invented by Dr. Li and his fellows at Bieberich Lab at University of Maryland Baltimore County, addresses these needs by eliminating a traditionally time-consuming step: DNA vector linearization. With this revolutionary technology, scientists can now enjoy faster, more efficient cloning workflows without compromising on quality.
The ExSembly cloning technology enables directional insertion of any amplified DNA product into CIRCULAR vector. It completely eliminates the time-consuming step of preparing linear vector. The creative buffer system in the master mix allows restriction enzymes to efficiently digest the circular DNA and maintain high exonuclease and polymerase activity to enable the assembly to occur. Once the vector DNA is successfully assembled with DNA inserts, the restriction sites in the vector disappear, allowing the enzymes to robustly remove background negative clones by completely digesting unassembled vector DNA. One can conveniently use a relatively large amount of vector DNA, up to 500 ng, and obtain a high number of positive clones, which consequently increases success rate.

Why ExSembly Cloning MasterMix?
- One-Step Simplicity: Say goodbye to the DNA vector linearization process and welcome to the one-tube, single-step assembly method that simplifies your cloning workflow. This means you can proceed directly to vector insertion, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for error.
- Unprecedented Speed: Traditional cloning methods typically require vector digestion and gel purification, consuming 2-3 hours of precious research time. ExSembly Cloning MasterMix eliminates these steps, allowing you to achieve your cloning goals much faster.
- Superior Efficiency and Low Background: Achieve >95% accuracy with correctly inserted DNA fragments. Our technology employs restriction enzymes that remove background negative clones by fully digesting unassembled vector DNA, ensuring that your results are both reliable and reproducible.
- Scalability: Whether you're assembling a single DNA fragment or multiple fragments, ExSembly Cloning MasterMix handles large-scale projects with ease. This scalability makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.
- High Concentration Capabilities: Use up to 500 ng of vector DNA and obtain a high number of positive clones. This flexibility increases your success rate and accelerates your research progress.
- Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for vector digestion, gel electrophoresis, and purification, ExSembly Cloning MasterMix cuts costs by up to 50%. This cost-efficiency enables you to allocate resources more effectively, further enhancing your research capabilities.
     ExSembly Assembly Workflow vs. Traditional DNA Assembly Workflow. Save 2-3 hours.

Performance Compared to Competitors

Amount of vector DNA Number of positive colonies Assembling efficiency Number of total colonies
Competitor A 500 ng 0 0 ~500
1,000 ng ~150 12.5% ~1,200
Competitor B 500 ng 0 0 ~300
1,000 ng 0 0 ~600
ExSemblyTM 500 ng 35 3.5% ~1,000
1,000 ng ~450 25% ~1,800
Table 1. Comparison of assembling efficiency of ExSembly to assemble 5 fragments with those of other two competitors on the market, both of which require linearization and digestion of the DNA vector prior to the assembly. The ratio of all fragments was kept at 1:1. Both 500 ng and 1,000 ng of vector DNA were tried. The clones were plated on both ampicillin plates and ampicillin plus kanamycin plates. 32 colonies were picked for colony PCR screening, and the efficiencies were calculated and compared.

Join the Future of Cloning Today
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