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Harnessing the Power of DENARASE® in AAV Production 

Published On 10/26/2023 5:03 PM

The production of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors has become a cornerstone in the realm of gene therapy due to its less immunogenic nature and precise gene delivery. However, a key challenge that persists in AAV production is the elimination of host cell DNA contaminants to ensure product purity and safety. This is where DENARASE®, an endonuclease derived from Bacillus species, emerges as a quintessential asset. 

Molecular Efficacy:

DENARASE® is engineered by c-LEcta for high activity, making it an exceptional choice for degrading host-cell DNA during AAV production. Unlike other nucleases, DENARASE® demonstrates robust stability and high activity under various conditions, making it a versatile tool in different stages of AAV production. 

Impact on AAV Purity:

The superior host-cell DNA degradation capability of DENARASE® significantly enhances the purity of the AAV vectors. Its ability to effectively eliminate nucleic acid contaminants translates to a higher purity product, thereby potentially reducing the immunogenic risks associated with AAV therapies. 

Ease of Integration: 

The integration of DENARASE® into the downstream processing (DSP) of AAV production is straightforward. Its compatibility with various production processes and its ability to maintain high activity under diverse conditions allows for a seamless incorporation into existing workflows, thereby optimizing the purification steps and minimizing the operational adjustments needed. 


Often marketed as a cost-effective alternative to other nucleases, DENARASE® provides an economical solution without compromising on the quality of AAV vectors produced. Additionally, its availability through a single-source supplier, c-LEcta, yet with potential access through other distributors, provides a semblance of supply chain assurance, making it a prudent choice for AAV production ventures. 

Regulatory Compliance: 

Produced under cGMP conditions, DENARASE® is tailored to meet or exceed regulatory requirements concerning residual DNA, thus aligning well with the stringent regulatory landscapes that govern AAV production and gene therapy products. 


DENARASE® stands as a formidable player in enhancing the purity and safety profiles of AAV vectors. Its molecular efficiency, ease of integration, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to regulatory standards make it an attractive choice for biopharmaceutical entities engaged in AAV production. By opting for DENARASE®, manufacturers are not just choosing an enzyme but are investing in a pathway towards optimized AAV production and, ultimately, more effective and safer gene therapies. 

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