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The One-for-all Serratia marcescens endonuclease ELISA Kit - DENARASE® ELISA Kit

Published On 06/19/2024 7:22 PM


For the quantitative analysis of residual Serratia marcescens endonuclease including DENARASE®, DENARASE® High Salt, and Benzonase*® (*Benzonase Nuclease is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA)

Key Features of DENARASE ELISA Kit

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Best reproducibility (inter and intra assay)

The highly specific monoclonal antibodies provide excellent reproducible results in both inter- and intra-assays. This enables an easy uptake in routine applications and avoids repeats in case of unclear results.
Best sensitivity
Endonuclease concentrations in final pharmaceutical products are often below the limit of detection of (previous) current state-of-the-art kits. These values may raise uncertainty, as low signals as a result of material failure or human error cannot be excluded. With DENARASE® ELISA Kit you can detect and quantify 15-50 times lower endonuclease concentrations compared to competitor ELISA Kits, using polyclonal antibodies.

  • Limit of Detection = 4 pg/mL
  • Limit of Quantification = 12 pg/mL
  • Reliably detect and quantify very low endonuclease levels in your final product
  • Test the performance of individual DSP operations
Broad working range at low concentration
The broad working range of the Kit enables convenient handling of samples as over-dilution is unlikely to happen.
50% Shorter assay time
Save up to 50% of time compared to competitor kits. Save on manpower and equipment occupation.


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